In 1874 the registry office ‘Standesamt I’ in Berlin became responsible for all civil certification outside of the German Reich. It is still located in Berlin. Here, births, marriages, and deaths of Germans abroad or on German ships were and are certified, and certificates are issued for Germans who never had a domestic residence. As a result, Standesamt I is the German ‘foreign registry office’.

Standesamt I has different series of registers:

For the most part, these holdings were submitted to the Landesarchiv Berlin due to its area of competence or will be submitted in the years to come. Available in the Landesarchiv:

  • Birth registers from 1874 to 1899,
  • Marriage registers from 1874 to 1929, and
  • Death registers from 1874 to 1979

More recent documents have not yet been submitted to the archive. They can still be found in the 

If you would like to order copies of documents from these holdings, please use this form. Immediate presentation of registers from Standesamt I in the reading room of the Landesarchiv is only possible with a previously scheduled appointment. 

Please keep in mind that the place of residence of the person you are looking for is not necessarily identical to the location of the Standesamt. You may need to look up where the responsible Standesamt was located, especially when it comes to small places of residence. (Directories of place names [Ortsbücher] in libraries can be helpful, of you can try online searches.)