At the end of the year 2014, the extensive project titled “WGA Database” has been finalised. Now international and national provenance research is in a position to research online for archival material of proceedings of the “Wiedergutmachungsämter” of Berlin.

The WGA Database gives research access to 436.534 datasets from A to Z. Worldwide hundreds of thousands of entitled people had submitted applications and proved their claims in line of the legal regulation of compensation for Nazi crimes. Most of the records are related to proceedings which were executed by the “Wiedergutmachungsämter” in the 50s and 60s. There are just few cases moreover. In many records, for example, libraries and collections, drawings, paintings, works of fine art, antique furniture, sheet music and musical instruments are specified and described.

In 2003 the stock of files has been delivered from the Berlin Senate Department for Justice to the State Archives of Berlin where the files are retained, treated and access is provided. Legal basis for access to files is the Law on the Preservation and Use of Archival Documents of the Federal State of Berlin   of 14. March 2016.

Access to files is possible exclusively in the reading room of the State Archives of Berlin. Application for use of the State Archives of Berlin and your order must be made in writing to the State Archives of Berlin (info@landesarchiv.berlin.de or: Landesarchiv Berlin, Eichborndamm 115–121, D-13403 Berlin). We’ll be pleased to arrange the access at your desired date.

The online database has been produced by Facts & Files Historical Research Institute Berlin, commissioned by the Berlin State Archive.

The project has been funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media via the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation according to a decision of the German Bundestag and the State of Berlin.