As the central state archive of Berlin, the Landesarchiv Berlin holds the written records of Berlin authorities and institutions. It is responsible for the highest federal state authorities (Senate Chancellery and Senate departments), districts, courts, and other public federal state offices, as well as intermediate and lower federal authorities headquartered in Berlin. At the same time, the Landesarchiv functions as a parliamentary archive, responsible for written materials of the city council assembly, Magistrat, city district assembly, councils of the city districts, and subordinate institutions, generated by legal and functional predecessors in East Berlin.

The task of the Landesarchiv is to secure and organise the documents that result from centuries of administrative activity on the part of Berlin’s authorities and institutions, which represent significant and unique cultural assets, to make these documents accessible in an appropriate manner, and to provide public access.

Written materials from state and municipal offices are supplemented by personal papers and collections. Focus here is on maps, plans and posters as well as pictures, documentary films and sound-recordings.

The Landesarchiv Berlin advises authorities, courts, and other agencies of the state of Berlin in the management and security of their documents with a view to subsequent archiving.

Provision of records and use of archival materials is regulated by: 

With a , , as well as exhibitions and events, the Landesarchiv Berlin promotes understanding of Berlin’s history. Additionally, it keeps the chronicle of the city. The Landesarchiv Berlin is a unit of the

You can find an organisational chart of the Landesarchiv Berlin here as a PDF file.