Our Foundation is dedicated to the first Governing Mayor of Berlin, Ernst Reuter (1889-1953). We aim to preserve the memory of Ernst Reuter who unlike any other figure after World War II influenced the history of Berlin and Germany by being the voice for freedom, democracy, and self-determination in particular during the Berlin blockade of 1948/49. Until his death in September 1953 Ernst Reuter stood up for the interests of West-Berlin and helped the people on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain to find appropriate regard in the politics of the Federal Republic of Germany. It’s worthwhile to explore his life and his time!

The close cooperation with the Landesarchiv Berlin (Berlin State Archives) is an advantage for our Foundation whose work goes beyond the historical figure of Ernst Reuter. The Foundation contributes to the academic research of contemporary history and its reappraisal with a focus on the time after 1945. We are open-minded in regard to modern questions on historical issues as well as the usage of multidisciplinary approaches and strive to find new perspectives on the history of Berlin and Germany.

Dr. Michael Bienert
c/o Landesarchiv Berlin
Eichborndamm 115 – 121
13403 Berlin
fon 30/90264-231
e-mail bienert@landesarchiv.berlin.de

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