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The WGA Database completely online now

At the end of the year 2014, the extensive project titled “WGA Database” has been finalised. Now international and national provenance research is in a position to research online for archival material of proceedings of the “Wiedergutmachungsämter” of Berlin. The… Continue Reading →

UNESCO „Memory of the world“

Unique  film material from Berlin is on the  UNESCO „memory of the world“ register. The program „Memory of the World“ was established in 1992 by the UN cultural organization UNESCO. It intends to preserve the documentary heritage of humankind. Since… Continue Reading →

Standesamt I in Berlin

In 1874 the registry office ‘Standesamt I’ in Berlin became responsible for all civil certification outside of the German Reich. It is still located in Berlin. Here, births, marriages, and deaths of Germans abroad or on German ships were and… Continue Reading →

Berlin’s Registry Offices

With the introduction of registry offices (Standesämter) in 1874, Berlin gained more than 20 institutions of this kind, and dozens more were added with the incorporation of suburbs in 1920. The areas that these offices were responsible for changed again… Continue Reading →

Search for a Person at the Landesarchiv

If you want to know whether someone lived in Berlin, you can consult the printed Berlin address books (and later telephone books). Additionally, you can commission a search in the historical Berlin registration card index. The card index is not… Continue Reading →

Terms of Protection

As regulated in § 8 of the Berlin Archives Act (Ar­chiv­ge­set­zes des Landes Ber­lin), archival materials may be subject to general or particular terms of protection, and usage may be limited as a result. If you wish to view such… Continue Reading →

Legal Basis

The basis for use of archival materials is formed by the Berlin Archives Act(Ar­chiv­ge­setz des Lan­des Ber­lin [Arch­GB]), and the Regulations for the Use of Archival Materials in the Landesarchiv Berlin (Ord­nung für die Be­nut­zung von Ar­chiv­gut im Landesarchiv Berlin)… Continue Reading →

Information for Use

General Use: Everyone has the right to use archival materials. The Berlin Archives Act (Archivgesetz des Landes Berlin) forms a foundation for the use of archival materials in the Landesarchiv Berlin, along with the usage regulations (Benutzungsordnung). In many cases… Continue Reading →

Berlin Former Residents Registration Card Index

Residential addresses were gathered in the German Reich beginning in 1874. This data was gathered by police offices using a medium that was entirely new in its day, preprinted index cards. These registration cards were always meant for the ‘head… Continue Reading →

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